Marseille, 6 febbraio 2024

I am the artist of imagined lines and this is my Manifesto. In the Cogitopinto movement, we believe in the power of limitless creativity and in the freedom to let go of our thoughts by drawing. Imagined lines are my tool. These lines and geometric shapes become a means to bring my thoughts to life. Initially drawn randomly, they take on life and meaning as the characters emerge from the apparent chaos. The colors offer contrasts, the scene creates itself following an irrational and mechanical instinct.

Thoughts Transformed into Images and images transformed into thoughts:
Through an irrational process, I use brushes, pens, pencils or artificial intelligence to transform random lines and shapes into vivid images. This process follows a simple intellectual instinct that brings our thoughts to life and manifests them in characters, objects, cars, landscapes and scenes.

Fundamental principles:
• Accumulation of Thought Lines: Our works take shape through an accumulation of thought lines, traced with an irrational but precise and geometric instinct. Each line is a reflection of the creative instinct, a fragment of an idea that is added to the mosaic of our creation.
• Emergence of Characters and Situations: Characters and situations can emerge from the accumulation of thought lines, but they are not the starting point. They are natural manifestations of the energy and vitality of our lines, which materialize on canvas or paper only after a creative gestation process.
• Construction of Meaning: The lines and geometric shapes, initially meaningless, are transformed into a visual language that communicates emotions, concepts and stories. It is through this construction of meaning that our art comes to life and connects with viewers.
• Role of Contrasts: The importance of color lies in contrasts, which help shapes define themselves as characters. Through plays of light and shadow, vibrant colors, contrasts create depth and emphasize the personality of our characters.

Goals and Aspirations:
We want to inspire and stimulate the minds of viewers, taking them into worlds never imagined before. Our art does not shock, it does not demonstrate, it does not bear witness. It exists only in the perception that each eye sends to the mind.
Far from the photography that reproduces reality there is the thought that imagines it. When the hand paints the concept, it becomes possible to discover images and worlds that are normally invisible.

Our art is Cogitopinto, few rules and many thoughts.

Franco Fausto Revelli, Artist of the Cogitopinto Movement