Franco Fausto Revelli

They are called the «drawings of the receptionist», they are my first works, pure illustrated conceptualism, 100% juice of undiluted thoughts. These drawings were the basis for all my subsequent works, including short films and documentaries.


Concepts that are illustrated according to rational schemes sometimes linked or sometimes far from the classical logic of thought. All these lines are produced by a hand connected to an intellective system that received energy, but I do not know exactly what kind. Here suddenly the lighting : ideas become clear and the illustrations are completed.The works you find in this catalog have been created in this way. Far from photography that reproduces reality there is the thought that imagines it. When the hand paints the concept it becomes possible to discover invisible images and worlds. The CogitoPingo has few rules but many thoughts. Because finally everything is thought, nothing is transformed.

After the creation of the Zemiafilm project, I currently work at the Mediterranean Center for Audiovisual Communication in Marseille CMCA (Multimedia and broadcasting manager). I collaborate with FIGRA (Festival du Gran Reportage et de Documetaire de Société) about Coup de pouce projects section.

franco revelli auteur
franco fausto revelli
franco revelli auteur
franco revelli auteur